Heveningham has 2 separate Charities that the Parish Council is involved with.

Heveningham Recreation Ground and Childrens Playground  - Charity Number :308100

Trustees: Mr. S Fairs, Mrs. C Fairs, Mrs. S Morphey

Heveningham Endowded Charities

This has recently been uncovered. The incumbant Reverend or his/her nominee should be the Ex-officio with 4 additional trustees nominated by the Parish Council. The purpose of this charity as specified at the turn of the 19th centuary if for the relief of the poor as well as maintaining the school and highways. This charity was deregistered in 2012. 

Following a meeting on 26th February, new trustees were appointed. Once the signatories for the bank accounts have been amended, the trustees will meet to decided on more appropriate and modern aims as there is no longer a school and highways are maintained by County Council. They also intend to re-register the charity. 

Trustees: Rev. A Norton, Mrs. L Sutton, Mr. S Fairs, Mrs C Fairs, Mrs. D Lankester, Mrs. G Lee